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customer's voice

Newly built house

I am truly grateful to you for being involved in the design of our home. At first, we never thought we would be able to build a custom home. Looking back, building a house was a very difficult time, with many meetings and discussions between husband and wife, including pregnancy and childbirth. That's why I'm so happy and filled with joy that this wonderful house has now been completed and I can now live here with my family. We were moved by our wishes and thoughts, and at the same time, we were drawn to Mr. Yamanoi's warm personality and popularity. Just as Mr. Yamanoi said that the house he built was like his own child, we also cherish our feelings of gratitude to the many people who were involved in the construction of this house, and we look forward to continuing to live with this house. I want to come. thank you very much.


Used house renovation

It was the best! The work was thorough and explained in an easy-to-understand manner, and I was given advice on future self-checks. He had a warm personality and kindly answered all my questions.

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